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Monday, November 25, 2002

It's 12:32 home time. Yesterday I had to lead the kyrie with my mom but she wasn't really singing so it was basically me leading. That was scary. Then Neal never called me by the time I felt he should, so I called him. I went out to eat to celebrate he and his dad's birthdays then went back to their house and hung. I wish I could have stayed longer. Then we went to see if Shorty was home but he wasn't. I've never met him. His mom hugged me twice though. That was odd. After I got home I went to Kim's. I was supposed to meet her, Dustin, and Jessa at the KFC/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell but it was closed and I didn't see them so I left. Apparently they were there but I called Kim's cell and she came home. Dustin had to leave so the remainder of us hung out till about midnight when I was getting REALLY tired. I'm too lazy to think of a song of the day, sorry.


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