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Saturday, November 23, 2002

It's been my first full day home. Sure, it's only 6:40 PM but I'm really bored. I woke up at 7:30 but didn't get up till 9:30. Then I cleaned my room of my boxes and got rid of half my clothes till 12:30. Then I showered and took Alli and Laura to the mall. I bought new bras (yes... I grew, believe it or not). I succeeded in not going into Victoria's Secret (sorry Neal). Then I had Arby's again. Mmmmmm. Then I went to visit Karyn and get my charm bracelet fixed. On Thursday I need to have my pictures developed so I can give her the one of Neal and I to put in the locket on my bracelet. I know what I'm getting for Christmas from her and Eric. Laura and Alli are getting the same thing. I got home around 5 and cleaned a little more and then played Harvest Moon on the ps2. Amica, who apparently has been biting for the past month, has been really calm. She hasn't bit anyone, and she keeps sitting next to me on the couch and smelling my hair. I think she was biting because she missed me. When I came home today she did indeed pee, and unfortunetely I stepped in it because I didn't see it.


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