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Monday, November 18, 2002

Neal's psychic... I was telling him about how Karyn and Eric may not have Thanksgiving at their house because of her dad... this is how the conversation went.
"So he might not be there because of--" ~Me
"The hospital?" ~Neal
"Yeah, how'd you know?!?! That's so weird!"
"Lucky guess."
"Well then guess why."
"Well, I suppose that might be what caused it. I don't know. Guess what organ."
"No, I can't. It was a lucky guess."
This went on for a while...
"Fine. The liver."
"Lucky guess."
"But out of ALL the organs you chose that one!"
"Seriously, it was a lucky guess!"
"Did you hear my conversation?" (I knew he hadn't).
"Well guess what's being done then."
After some begging...
"He's having part of it removed?"
"Well, yeah. He's having a transplant. I can't believe you knew all that!!! It's insane how you read my mind!"
Seriously, Neal has some real connection to my brain or something to know all that. That's not the first time it's happened, either. On another note, Erinn and I saw some guy in the laundry room with a shopping cart as his laundry basket. It was funny. We also finished watching Psychic Academy, a very strange anime serious with lots of groping and a guy with a metal plate protecting his family jewels. Very odd indeed.


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