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Friday, November 29, 2002

My Thanksgiving was fun. However, Amica was crazy and aggressive all day. She bit me while Neal was over and talking to Aunt Holly so he didn't come to see what happened. Amica's ears were down so I thought it was safe. I was petting but this time kneeling so it was harder to get away and when she turned on me she scratched my hand and even bruised it. I screamed really loud and started crying again. I'm afraid of her. Since I'm allergic to dogs, it swelled and I developed welts. I'm glad she didn't break skin. Then my dad tried to calm her and she bit him, and now he has this dark line from her tooth. It looks like a giant blood blister and is nasty. Later Neal thought she was ok but I didn't and he went to pet her and she turned on him, too. It scared the crap out of me. Luckily he's ok. Dinner went fine and all that. We played Balderdash of course because Uncle Bruce and Uncle Carl were here. One of my favorites was Uncle Carl's definition for who William Haast was. We pronounced it as Haste.

William Haast: Drunk one night he fell into a trashcan and coined the phrase, "Haste makes waste."

I was cracking up at that one. I cracked up a lot during the game, and with the word Bufagin I immediately thought of an alternative way to pronounce it than Karyn was doing. My favorite word was molebut. I was laughing very hard at that one, and then Uncle Carl was next to me so he was laughing hard which made me laugh even harder. Amica is still aggressive. My mom and I want to get rid of her, but I think we're taking her to the vet today. My theory is that she has a brain tumor that is changing her personality. Aunt Holly says with confidence that she's just nervous around people, but she was like this before there were a lot of strange people over.


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