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Monday, November 18, 2002

My thumb isn't hurting as much, so I think I might have just bruised the bone. I finally got my philosophy paper back and I got an A! Even though I didn't know how to prove my beliefs, I must have done it! I personally think it's one of my better essays. I met a new guy today, Tim. I've sat in front of him in chem every day but we've never actually talked. We have for like 5 minutes or so because he knows Derek, but today Derek wasn't there so we chatted for like 10 minutes which was cool. He's a computer engineer like me. He said he can sniff them out. ^_^ Neal thinks he might have pink eye. He's hoping not. It's all red and itchy. I think he should see a doctor about it.

Song of the day ~ Philip Glass Orchestration by Aphex Twin


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