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Sunday, November 03, 2002

Well, the chem learning center got me a 14% on my online quic because the only questions I got wrong were the ones about batteries which we haven't talk about. Oh well, I still passed so I'm cool with it. I have 4 more tries, after all. My engineering meeting went well because we actually split up tasks and suck and DID things. Earlier today I went to the Motherlode with Neal and then to the mall where I bought him some lotion from Bath and Body Works. He got Pearberry (and early birthday present) and Vanilla Bean which smells SOOOO good. That one he can't get till the 11th with his other gift. I bought for myself some chapstick because I lost my other one and another spray, the vanilla bean. I now own at least 8 perfumes. I use about 6 of them regularly, or would if 2 of them weren't at home. Anyway, I didn't want to get out of bed today, even if I do breathe loudly when my allergies are bad. Apparently I kept Neal up, but serves him right since he kept me up the night before by stealing the blanket and giving me NO room. Last night he took advantage of my light sleeperness and woke me up everytime my breathing got bad. I still managed to sleep well though. Then Matt kept coming in during the morning and we were upset about that but whatcha gonna do?

Song of the day ~ Awesome God by Rich Mullins


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