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Saturday, February 15, 2003

After we ate dinner the 5 of us went to play pool. It was so much fun!!!!!!!! Neal and I were against Bee and Ariel. Neal was making all the shots. I didn't get a single ball in. Then after 2 games of that (I think) we played one against one. Ariel beat Bee and Bee beat Neal and then Neal beat everyone but me. I actually played GOOD for once and I beat not only Neal, but Bee! We said it was a girlfriend thing because Bee was probably imagining me as Renee, plus I jinx Neal at mini-golf. I was laughing SO HARD and it only made me better! I was making shots I NEVER would have been able to make before! After that we went to see Jackass. I wasn't planning on going but Neal wanted me to go so I did and I regret it. It was the worst movie I've ever seen. I couldn't even watch half of it or I'd throw up.

Song of the day ~ He Loves You Not by Dream


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