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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Shorty, Bee, and Ariel actually came! We hung out for a bit, then we up to the SDC to play basketball. I wasn't going to go but Bee convinced me to which was a mistake. I was kind of ok until they decided to play a full court game so I sat like for 2 hours. Otherwise I was ok with shooting and just playing around. Near 5 Shorty and I jogged around. He can run the mile under 5 minutes. We were jogging pretty quickly and 3 laps around (4 is a mile) I had to stop because I had to pee and my chest was killing me. It still hurts and I'm coughing like I have tuburculosis. It hurts so much. It felt good running. I love running, even though I'm extremely out of shape. I should run more back at home, like during the summer.

Song of the day ~ Everlong by the Foo Fighters


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