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Sunday, March 09, 2003

It's funny, right after I said it was raining it turned to hail and then snow. I finally got to talk to Melissa, but then someone called while I was on the phone and it was for my mom, so I gave it to her and then she accidentely turned off the phone instead of switching it back to Melissa. I still didn't have Melissa's phone number so I had to wait for her to call me back, which she didn't do, so I had to go online to get the phone number from people but then when I called Sarah had called her so she had to call me back.

Sarah, Neal, Jessa, and I went to Elgin's musical. It was Mame. It was ok, not as back as I was afraid it was going to be. Neal liked it which was surprising for someone who refuses to watch musicals. Afterwards we went to Spring Garden to eat and talked to Kim on the phone about Johnny Cash and other things. It was great great great fun.

I go back today. I should arrive at mtu around 9.


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