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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Neal and I went to the SDC to play badminton but they wouldn't let us because a court had to be reserved at 3. Discouraged, we went to the weight room and tried to build up my arm muscle. I could only use 10 pound weights I have that little arm muscle. I now know why I don't exercise. It's because I get discouraged that I'm not good and I can never be good. We did the bikes and Neal said I was slow and he could see why John was always ahead of me. I bike! I rode almost every day last summer after I was allowed to (because of my heart surgery) and it obviously didn't help. Plus John has racing tires and I don't. If I can't go faster, what's the point? I don't want my heart to be an excuse. I want to be athletic like everyone else.

"Ever wonder what we do? Well, here's your chance. Members of the group will be performing live homosexual acts in the MUB, see if you can find us." This is from a flyer Erinn and I got in the mail. What kind of acts are these? Play kind of acts or relationship kind of acts? It seems odd...

"Time to calibrate your gaydar. Head over to the West McNair lounge to test your identification skills. Can you pick out the straight person(s) from our panel?" This doesn't seem right... Apparently this week is Pride Week.


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