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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

"Plastic surgery was not invented for Michael Jackson." ~ Michael Jackson

I encourage yo' ass work homework problems wit other muthas, but make sho yo' ass understand how solve izzall da problems as yo' ass will has do similar problems by yourself on da midterms 'n final exam, know what I'm sayin'? ~CS ghettofied

"I saw Donny Osmond with the devil." ~The Crucible

"Remember at sea camp when Nicole saw Aaron in the water and she thought he was me and was about to ask why I was topless? I guess we all look like Aaron, deep down inside. " ~Melissa

My linear algebra/differential equations teacher changed his clothes. During linear algebra he always wore blue corderoy pants and a green shirt and suspenders. Now for differential equations he wears tan corderoy pants and a tan shirt, no suspenders. It's like he has an outfit for each class.

Song of the day ~ Every Time by La Ley


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