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Monday, March 10, 2003

Yesterday was the most interesting day ever. There were 6 of us crammed in an SUV. We almost hit a deer twice. Jim drove half the way to his house and he drives crazy. It scared us all with his 80 mph driving in 4-wheel-drive on bad roads. I thought I was gonna die. After we got to his house we split up into 2 cars: Alice, Neal, and I in one and Jim, O, and Dan in the other. They smoked pot the whole time and got quite stoned. When we arrived I was in the elevator with O and Neal for about 2 minutes. Neal didn't smell anything (he must have bad senses) but I smelled the weed and when I got back to my room I realized that not even smoking it but just smelling it got me high. I was jittery, my heart was pounding, and I was moving around really fast. After at least 10 minutes Neal came down and I wouldn't shut up. I was talking really fast, and then I just couldn't stop giggling. I kept saying "insane!" He said something about his butt hurting (or something else, I can't remember but it was along those lines) and I said "That's because it's INSANE!" I kept saying "I'M INSANE!" I danced around in circles flailing my arms and giggled and giggled and giggled. It took awhile for it to wear off, but when I did I decided I don't ever want to get drunk or high. I'm too scary that way. Neal kept laughing at me.

From Derek:
Go on vacation
Get a cabin in MIO
Get attacked and mauled by giant wild turkeys and the only way to fight them off is to blow a bubble around them and pop it much like the not so known about ninetndo game called bubble bobble and then collect the powerups they drop to become a more powerful dinosaur


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