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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Oh, and a note to everyone: apparently people have been thinking that when I say I slept with Neal it means we had sex. This is not the case. When I say we slept together, I mean we literally slept together in the same bed. We do this when Matt (Neal's roommate) was gone or when Erinn's mom came up and was using my bed so I had nowhere to sleep. I was shocked to find out that people have been misconstruing this, because I take things literally and it meant exactly what I said it meant. I know all my college friends understand what I mean because this happens all the time at college. In all seriousness, would I post something like that knowing that EVERYONE reads this? No! I don't say "Oh, I made out with Neal today" or "I went to the bathroom today and it was hard!" or anything else having to do closely with my personal life. If you're going to assume something major like us having sex, you should ask me personally about it to see if your assumption was correct.


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