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Friday, May 09, 2003

The wireless internet in my room still isn't working. It at least knows it's connected now, because before it wouldn't. I can't log into the network though, which is a problem so I currently don't have internet in my room. I went jogging yesterday. I walked once around the block then got maybe a little less than a third of the way round jogging before I started walking again. I need to do this gradually. I'm going bike riding today, because I'm going to alternate jogging and bike riding. Anyway, when I was walking home after the jog I saw a car pull out of my driveway and stop in the street. The car door opened and it was Nikki! I haven't seen her in forever!! We talked a bit, then she had to go pick up her sisters from the orthodontist and that was why she was out of school. That was really neat. THen I went home and took my shower. I went downstairs in my bathrobe to ask Alli a question and the doorbell rang. It was about 12:30. I was surprised, so I answered it and Neal was standing there while I was in my bathrobe! O.O I invited him inside and he caused Amica to pee while I got dressed upstairs. Then I had to clean up Amica (who by the way didn't remember me and kept growling at me) then we went to my room to try to fix my computer. Neal decided to surprise me and stop by since he was looking for a mother's day/ birthday present for his mom. Anyway, so we made a little progress with the wireless, then he went to go shopping. Before he left I had found that Amica peed a big one on the couch so I had to clean that up. He also said both his parents wanted me to come to dinner with them tonight in celebration of their mom's b-day and mother's day. I thought that was odd because I'm not really a part of their family but I guess they like me. Well later that night Neal picked me up and we went to Lonestar. I ordered steak and ordered it medium-well but got something rare because there was absolutely no brown except for the outside. I ate it anyway because I didn't want to be a pain and have them cook it longer, but I was baffled because Neal's medium was to me exactly what I wanted. The steak made me feel a little sick for awhile afterward, which is why I don't order them rare. The thing is that this isn't the first time this has happened. At the Mariott I ordered medium and it was pinker than I imagined a medium should be. From now on I'm always ordering well-done because there's no way I can go wrong then. After dinner we went to a fish store because one of Neal's newts died (Bonnie, his favorite) and then we hung out at his house till 10. At 10 we went to Shorty's house and talked to Shorty for half an hour. Then he took me home and we tried to work on my computer for like 5 minutes but then he went home. It was raining on the way to my house and we had a really cool storm. The lightning was so awesome and REALY bright. It looked like day when it lightninged. Is that a word? Flashed I guess I should say. So that's yesterday. Tongiht or tomorrow I'll write about today.


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