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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

World cultures......... geez, some of those questions!!!!! "What country did NATO bomb in 1999?" then you have to pick from 4 that were just numbered. i had no idea NATO even bombed someone in 1999. I had 5 d's in a row, then later 3 d's, 3 c's, and 2 d's again. I had sooooooooo many d's and c's that it just didn't seem right. I compared my answers to Erinn and Derek to see the shape and mine didn't match at all. It SUCKED. At least I'm getting like a 95 or something in the class, and it'll be curved of course. Time to study for physics some more so it can blow my butt and rape me analy. Oh, and one of the TAs was propping open the door with his sandal. It was funny.


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