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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Ok, I learned a lot at the doctor:
1) My allergy med, zyrtec, can cause depression
2) my auto-immune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and rayneauds can cause depresssion
3) my knuckles are inflamed and larger than they should be
She as really nice, and luckily she was in our health plan so that's excellent since she's 20 minutes away instead of an hour. Unfortunetely I had the hardest time filling out the forms because I had no idea when I had my last shot and all that. I learned more about my problems than from my other joint doctor, which is why she sucked. Anyway, to keep myself from getting worse I'm supposed to get some cardiovascular exercise and keep my weight down (so all you people who thought I was obsessing about gaining weight, look! I have a medical reason to obsess!). She gave me a prescription for some medication for my joints, too.


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