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Monday, August 25, 2003

oh my gosh, my classes are so insane. For digital logic I sat with Dan from my lin ag/diff eq class last semester and luckily Tim was totally at the opposite of the room. THen when the class was over, Tim waited for me and was looking for me, the freak but then i basically ignored him and he got hte message because he went to a different stairwell than me. We had our next class together but I sat by Dan, Mike, and Andy for digital signal processing (dsp). This is like the hardest class. We're supposed to be able to do all these complex things on our calculators but NO ONE knows how and he won't tell us and we have a quiz on it next Wednesday. It's like turning 1 +3j into 3.16<36.9, with < meaning angle. THe calculator gives me an angle of 71.6 so I'm off and I don't know why. I'm going to have to go to the learning center. THen Dan and I walked to cs1122 and the lecture had already started and we were there 5 minutes early! That was insane, and apparently the 1090 students are in our class as well on Mondays and he was describing some crazy things for them involved .cshrc files or something. Then he was talking about the homework project already! AHHHHHH!!!!


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