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Saturday, August 23, 2003

oh no

So at training was insanely boring. Then at work Michael came and thought that I had given out Travis' cell number. What happened was yesterday Matt and I were the only ones working. During my 1st shift I got a call from a guy saying he had someone who lost his key or id or something. I checked the lost and found and didn't see it and told the guy on the phone. He asked the kid who he gave it to and he said Travis. I was going to check for the phone number but the guy on the phone said, "I know who that is, never mind." So that was that. When I had come in for my second shift that day, Matt asked me if I had given out Travis' phone number and I told him I hadn't, and told him what happened. Apparently Travis had called the front desk and told Matt not to give out his cell and he was really mad. Because I was the only person working, he thought it was me because Matt hadn't. I didn't, so it must have been the guy on the phone. I don't know who that was though.


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