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Sunday, August 31, 2003

a nice Sunday drive

Man, I want a nap but I have to work in 15 minutes. Ugh. Marie, Erinn, Neal, and I took a drive up to copper harbor. We did the Brockway Mountain drive again which was cool, then stopped at a beach in copper harbor and played around. I went really close to some rocks and waited for the crashing waves to splash me. They kept splashing Neal but not I. Finally I got a good wave and my legs got wet. Neal is the rock skipping champion. He can skip them REALLY REALLY far, like at least 30 feet before the first skip, and then he got a skip after that that was about 20 feet. He also got one that was like 8 skips. It looked like the rock was surfing the water. I tried skipping and I'm getting better. There was a mountain bike thing going on in copper harbor so we didn't go in any shops or anything. We did stop for ice cream. I tried Marie's thimbleberry sundae and that was good. I got a hot apple pie sunday. It was vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, caramel, cinnamon apples, and pie crust on top. It was sooooooo good and I got to get rid of my pennies, too! ^_^ On the way back home we took cliff drive which wasn't much but we did get to see some really neat cliffs. I'm amazed that trees can grow on that stuff!

It was a good day for avoiding homework.


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