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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

so neal spilled koolaid all over his desk and floor and computer stuff and wall. i brought him my 409 and carpet cleaner (which i have cuz i spill so much) and helped him clean it up with my feet since it was hard to get to behind the wall. the good news: you can't really tell and i also have proof that when standing i still have arches. the bad news: neal wasted about an hour he needs for his homework that he put off (like a poster and a paper and something else).

i could NOT sleep last night. I remembered that I have mail duty at 12:30 but wind symphony audition at 1 so i'm kind of screwed. then i have 3 wind symphony rehersals i know of that i have to miss, and we're only allowed to miss 2. then i forgot to study for my dsp quiz, and i had stats homework that i wrote down that is due fri but we don't have class fri so i'm hoping it's not today.

i wore shorts today cuz yesterday when it was 64 degrees it became 82, but it's been several hours and it's still 64.


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