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Monday, September 01, 2003

hahahhaha, i'm the evil hour stealer

I had a meeting at work an hour ago about our new schedule since we added a staff member. Michael said I worked too many hours last week so he cut some down. He got rid of 2 hours, but he added 2 mail shifts PLUS I got 2 hours every other week. People were like, that's too long (I have 4 hours every other week then) but I was like "nah, I did it before, I can do it again." Plus anything is better than working 6 hours answering phones all day. I can do homework or read or play neopets. Where else do I get paid to do neopets? Robyn has a lot of hours too. No one volunteered for hours, so it's no wonder I got more.

Jeff came by asking if I wanted to be social chair. I laughed and said no. He said, "No? You sure?" I'm quite sure. To Marie's no he said, "didn't think so." I think we'd be bad choices, considering we weren't too social last year, plus we're girls and would have no idea what the guys would want to do.


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