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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I'm going to name my next band Energy Vampire.

I had a scary day today- Jessa is in the suicide ward of the hospital because she was thinking "bad thoughts" again. She hasn't done anything luckily. That's why I couldn't contact her the past 2 days. Melissa and I went with her parents to visit her. She was so bored. I'm so glad I visited, because it made her really happy. I hope she gets out soon because I want her to be at my dwtk party and meet Neal! It was scary when she called me to tell me where she was. I got terrified since my instincts had been correct. My insticts are normally pretty right on, but it just shakes me whenever something really freaky like that proves to be true.

I was eating a mango and it spilled on me and now I smell like baby.


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