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Monday, July 22, 2002

Well, I got to actually sleep last night because I didn't get a migraine! WOO!!!! I went to the ob gynie... ew... crazy things going inside me that aren't natural and don't belong there. At least I'm reproductively normal, and now I have birth control pills sooooooooooo if I ever decide to ignore my morals, I am protected with a 1% failure rate. However, I really hope I don't get the side effect where I lose my hair. I already don't have enough. I also had to get blood drawn there, and it was only a prick on the finger but I wouldn't stop bleeding! I had to changed bandaids because of that! Then I had my stress test where I had to go on a tredmill until I couldn't go on it any longer. It started out slow and flat, but then got faster and higher up so by the time it was at 8 minutes it was too fast to walk and jog but too slow to run at the angle it was at, and that's what killed me. I made it to 12 minutes but I felt like I was gonna puke so they stopped me. If there wasn't the hill and the ac hadn't conked out, I would have made it a bit farther. The good thing about this all- they reaffirmed that my heart is completely fixed so now I'm a normal person physically. It's official. Between the 2 doctors we went to visit my great-great aunt in the nursing home. I have decided that I don't want to be in that nursing home she's in. I also want Smoke on the Water played at my funeral. Anyway, I have a couple funny quotes that aren't that funny, but amusing to me. However, the visit really scared me because she kept yelling out in pain and I didn't want her to die in my presence. Oh, I forgot. When I was in Michigan in one of the rest area bathrooms there was a sign painted on the wall saying "PUSH TO FLUSH" and it reminded me of the "PUSH TO EAT" buttons that were white-outed everywhere by Michelle and Ron.

"Are you going to kill me?" ~Aunt Elsie to my mom

"Where's Clarence?" ~Aunt Elsie (Clarence was her husband)
"He died." ~My mom
"He didn't tell me!" ~Aunt Elsie


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