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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

YEHA!! I am now using my lovely broadband connection that is SUPA FAST. It wasn't working before because I had it plugged in the wrong outlet, STUPID!

Friday, on the way up to Silver City where out hotel was, we passed the Loose Moose Grill (hee hee) and I saw a picture of a flying moose on the tire protector things that are on the back of truck tires. I don't know what to call them. Anyway, then I saw the Red Man Supper Club which I laughed at. I also saw the Lac Vieux Desert and Dinner Lake and I laughed because Michigan has no deserts. Apparently the Lac Vieux Desert is a Chippewa tribe, which is the stupidest name I've ever heard of. I know this because there was a casino under the same name. Oh, and in Wisconsin there's a town by the name of De Forest. I thought of Melissa when I saw that. I also saw Kowlaski road, which then made me think of Janet. Oh, and there's this neato company that makes custom homes and you get to build them yourself at NEAT! There was this one 4-lane highway that had a speed limit of 25 mph and it was really crazy. Our hotel ended up being in a town of 60, which sucks. My dad succeeded in getting us lost on a dirt road, and Saturday he did it again. I think my family is cursed.

Back to Saturday now. We moved in and it took about 3 hours to unpack everything and set up the computer and I hope that everything is successful. I didn't take as much as it looked like, because I have TONS of room left over. The only thing is that there are only 2 outlets and not enough extension cords so every electrical item is on one side of the room and my coffeemaker isn't plugged in, and I don't think my tv is either. I'm not sure. I was really worried about everything yesterday, but today I'm better because I like mtu SOOOOOO much better than Augustana. I feel at home here, and people are friendlier than the Augustana people. Anyway, my main fear was taking a shower because I don't want to go around when people are still moving in and stuff. Oh, and I wasn’t sure if I was even allowed to stay overnight which is the stupidest worry I’ve ever had. No wonder I think I have GAD. And I apparently have mail already which is the craziest thing ever. Oh, and now I have to change the time settings, crazy Eastern time zone. The girl in the room to my left seems nice when I walk by, but I haven't talked to her yet. She likes the same kind of music as me, which is cool. My roommate isn't here yet, so it's going to be crazy today when she moves in. Man, I'm just rambling on. I'm going to laugh SO hard when Neal moves in today because he barely has any stuff, only 10 shirts and stuff. I brought 21 shirts and I have PLENTY of closet room, and I basically have 3 junk drawers because I didn't use the dresser space. Ha ha, man is he going to regret what he did.

I couldn’t sleep AT ALL Saturday night because the people next door were building a loft and they didn’t stop till after midnight. Not to mention the fact that the beds are really squeaky and the temperature alternated between hot and cold. Stupid wind. I fell asleep sometime around 1, and then woke up several times like at 4 and stuff and finally just decided to get up at 7:30 because I couldn’t sleep anymore and it was WAY too bright. I took a lovely shower very awkwardly because I’m not used to small stalls and stuff, and then I went to lunch where my floor all ate together but there wasn’t enough seats for me so I sat with a couple of guys who were roommates and I wimped out in asking their names and stuff so basically it was a quiet breakfast with yucky food (I feel nauseas now) and I was lonely. I drank chocolate milk for the first time in over 4 years because I couldn’t find the juice. The French toast either had too much egg or was undercooked, I’m not sure which. I still haven’t gotten my mail just because I can’t believe that I have mail. Oh, and my house name is Mafia, which is the coolest name ever and it fits in with my game Family Business that I brought. A lot of people on the floor seem outgoing which isn’t fun for me because I’m totally not that and I feel out of place.

Now, one thing I forgot to say was that on Thursday my mom broke the automatic doors at Best Buy. She rammed the cart into them before they were fully open and the doors swung out of the side instead of sliding and it was really crazy.

Orientation has been sooooo fun. I'm meeting a lot of cool people, who actually talk to me which is different from normal. Since the guy:girl ratio is 3:1, most of my friends are guys which is cool since that's how it was when I was younger before SWAS, like till 4th grade. I fit in with them, which is way neat. I've also met a lot of nice girls, most of then going into computer engineering like me. I like my group of cp, because we're so much fun. I like mtu SO much better than Augustana, plus I get to hang out with Neal till whenever. Last night I left at 12:30, because Erinn doesn't stay up late and I've already woken her up once coming in. Today is our 1 month anniversary! I said something I shouldn't have though, because I think it was too soon. Never mind that it's how I feel. Perhaps I should have waited, even though I'm 100% positive it's true. Anyway, I'm hoping Neal will come by so I can gloat about having a SUPA FAST internet.

Song of the day ~ Buddy Holly by Weezer


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