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Thursday, August 15, 2002

UGH!!!! I'm all scared and stressed out about college! I wasn't before but now it's come upon me like the plague. Of course it didn't help that Lauren was all worried about it and talking about it. It also doesn't help that I'm leaving tomorrow at 8 freakin' AM! And that I'm going up there way early and will have nothing to do on Sunday. All this stress is making me crabby, especially since I spent all day packing. We bought a printer (finally!) but haven't tried it out yet. I had an arguement with my mom because she was being ridiculous and expecting me to knows things that I can't know. Like she asked me what the tech page said for mtu and I told her that I couldn't know because she had me at the orientation page. Then she got mad at me because I was crabby and couldn't follow her request. It's not my fault I can't read her mind. I can only read Neal's mind. Anyway, I printed out the schedule for orientation and there are all these things that don't look too fun and now I'm unhappy. I'm worried that I won't have much time to see Neal, and I'm afraid of crazy things I shouldn't be afraid of, like him forgetting about me. There are some things on the schedule that look so cryptic, like "Investigations." I'm thinking not everything is required, but it seems like we may have to go to things in groups (like Janet has to do at Purdue) and I hope I like my group. It'd be way neat if Neal was in my group, but since irony put us the maximum floors apart, I bet irony will be laughing again. Yeah, so I spent ALL DAY packing today (with a few breaks) and it was horrible because one suitcase is so freakin' heavy and it took me forever to fill it because I couldn't fit things right. I cut down on the movies I'm bringing and now I'm not bringing my game boy, which isn't such a loss. I haven't figured out what I'm wearing tomorrow or Saturday because I packed it all, so it'll be interesting. I'll have to yoink clothes from my suitcase.

My roommate tried calling me today but I wasn't home which sucks because now I'm afraid she's not going to bring something she was going to bring, so she was gonna tell me that her phone doesn't work and we won't have a phone or something. She's not showing up till Sunday I think, so I'll be lonely Saturday night but that means I get first pick of beds! WOO! Man, I feel like I have to write a lot to make up for what I'm not writing tomorrow. Anyway, I don't know if I want to join band. I thought it'd be fun joining pep band but there's pep band camp for several hours and it'll suck because that's a lot of playing and it's during cool activities. Also, there's a mud tug-o-war and I have no clothes that would be really good to get dirty in, so I don't know if I want to play. I need to talk it all over with Neal and stuff, see what he's doing.

My grandma is over right now and I don't think she's been to college, even though she's lived here all her life. She had no idea that dorms were on campus property. She thought they were like aparments. It was quite frustrating having to explain it all to her. It's also frustrating being on the downstairs computer again, because it smells like decayed crow. My dad put the dead crow in the garbage and it's smelling up the whole house and I'm SO glad to be gone tomorrow. I'm also glad to be leaving my family because Allison's piercing voice was really bothering me today, like majorly. Oh, and I tried to order my books online but it was mean and wanted to ship them and then not all of the required books were available which is just stupid, like the lab manuals. How could you not have them? Yeah, so I'm ranting a lot today.


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