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Thursday, August 15, 2002

I went to the allergist today and I learned that the random cuts I get are from my Rayneuds (the thing that makes me hands and feet turn blue) because they don't get enough blood. Now I don't have to wonder anymore! He also told me to stay away from stress as much as possible so that I don't mess my system. He spoke of not lying and such (which is impossible for me because I feel guilty and I'm also incredibly blunt) and he was talking about dealing with stress and depression and it made me all nervous. Later on people came over for a last shindig before I leave. We played Family Business which was WAY fun. I ended up winning, but for awhile it looked like Dustin of wussy The Purple Gang was gonna win. We were having alliances and I didn't join with anyone till the end when I convinced Dustin to betray Melissa and Lauren and he joined with me. Man, it was great. Then we played Mhing and then Dream Phone and then talked for awhile. People left then Lauren, Jessa, Neal and I talked in my room for a bit. Then Jessa left and the 3 of us talked until 12:45 when Lauren finally decided she had to leave, despite not wanting to. It was great fun though, especially when we were discussing kids and marriage and Lauren was freaked out when Neal said he'd give me the kid but he wouldn't do anything else. Then Lauren couldn't follow our conversations because Neal and I have this connection of understanding and it was pretty funny. She said she'd have to think about it for awhile to figure it out.

"Brrrr brrrrr. I'm running late." ~Melissa, pretending to have the scary music from LOTR when leaving a message

Song of the day ~ Rockafella Skank by Fat Boy Slim


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