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Thursday, August 15, 2002

WOO! I'm using the internet from my second baby, my computer! It's only temporary, because we needed to activate windows (stupid microsoft) but it's still exciting. Everything I wrote previously today actually happened yesterday. I have a bad habit of doing that because I'm up so late it doesn't seem like the next day. Man, I am leaving for Michigan Tech tomorrow and I haven't even finished packing. I've barely started! I did all my clothes, which filled 1 suitcase, and that was it. Then my mom told me to do this so I was like, "Ok!" but unfortunetely I wasn't prepared so I don't have my saved buddy options and stuff on this computer yet. Oh well. Man, I don't want to continue packing. I don't want to go!!!!! Ok, so I do want to go because I get to see Neal every freakin' day (WHOOHOO) but I really don't want to start learning, especially when I have a stupid 3 hour chemistry lab and a physics lab at 8 AM. Why am I cursed with taking those classes again? I've already had chemistry TWICE! I sucked at it every time, and I'm going to suck again but there won't be any Melissa to help me and give me the right answers. I still haven't given Craig his crossword! He's been a bum all summer and hasn't returned any of my calls. If I get a chance today I'm going to go over there (once I figure out where the heck he lives) and I'm going to shove it in his face. He better appreciate it! And if he's left already, then MAN is he a bum.


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