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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I got a package today from my family!!! It contained my snap-on shorts for when I will work out (I need to, desperately). I also got pretzels and craisins (yummy) and a stuffed dog (cute) and a cd burned from Alli (Thrice, very nice) and yummy smelling lotion and body wash. I was so excited! It got Erinn and I thinking- If you have once, twice, thrice, what's four? Fice? Anyway, lately Neal's been doing some magic. Everytime we wonder where he is, he appears like 2 seconds later. It's quite freaky. I took a nap and set my computer to play a song at 6:50 to wake me up because I was supposed to work on Mathematica at 7, but it didn't work. Erinn woke me up at 7:05 and I'm like, "crap!" Now I'm sending Melissa Pi over aim but it's going to take about 375 minutes. Anyway, I did situps, crunches, and pushups today because I haven't in like 4 days and I gained weight again.


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