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Monday, September 23, 2002

Ok, I did something stupid today. The doors leading out to the road from Fisher don't have any push things, so they are completely flat. I always end up pushing on the wrong side because of this, since it opens from the left out rather than the right out. Anyway, today I didn't notice it wasn't opening and I walked right into and bumped my nose hard enough to bring tears and I left a mark and I felt really stupid. During social dance the German dude picked me again, and so I didn't have fun. He only picks the Aryans, which is why on guys-pick days he goes straight for me. Whenever I can I sit away from him so he can't pick me, because he is not fun to dance with at all. We're not allowed to say no, which is frustrating. He can't carry the beat, and never does ANYTHING besides the basic move, so it's the most boring thing ever and I can't start anything because he's supposed to lead so I'm stuck being bored and I hate it. Grrrr... I wish Neal was in the class or at least willing to come to the Swing Dance nights with me. It's raining again, for like the bajillinth time.


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