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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Today calculus kicked my butt, so I borrowed Neal's notes and now only half of it is kicking my butt. Mathlab was actually easy, so I have like another half hour to spend on it and then that's it. Neal took the only washing machine open, so I had to wait half an hour for 2 to open up. I forgave him because his clothes were stinky from the rain yesterday. Then he took the only open dryer, so I yoinked his extra space and stuck my clothes in too. So now I have one of his socks, but oh well. He can come get it any time. Erinn and I hung out at the campus cafe and I saw my engineering teacher there and it was freaky. He looks like Doogie Houser, and he always wears tweed coats. Right now I'm chillin' in my room, which is sort of cold because we had the door open and all our heat escaped. Earlier it was perfect. :( I'm wearing my new long sleeve shirt, and it's so comfortable!!!

Song of the day ~ All Kinds of Talk by Karlophone


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