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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Let's see, so far today I got soaked in the rain (it ALWAYS rains here!) and then I hung out with a sleepy Neal. I had lunch after that and ate with Chris and Mike, filling them in on chem things they need to know (since they ditch). It was a fun time. Oh, and the ice cream was all nasty and tasted like sour milk (I didn't actually have any, this is what I was told) so Mike decided to eat some with ketchup and fries. It was so nasty seeing him do it, but it was really funny too. I'm continuing writing my saga for Neal. I've written 3 pages so far, and it's only convering a year of my life. Oh, and now I have to go to chem. ICKY lab.

Song of the day ~ Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne


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