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Sunday, December 01, 2002

I saw Die Another Day with Neal. I thought it was really good. Uh, I had a "family incident" but I'm not going to elaborate on that. For some reason Amica was really calm and back to normal the last couple of days. It's odd. The scratches from her are gone, but now I have bruises. Erinn got sick over Thanksgiving. It seems everyone got sick. I went to the lab today with Audrey to work on our engineering but all the rooms were locked! We were mad because it's due Tuesday and we have like no time to work on it! There's so much snow here! There's at least a foot! I jumped in it but landed on the curb and it wasn't so soft. I got wet but it was worth it. Time for a song of the day again!

Song of the day ~ Die Another Day by Madonna


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