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Thursday, December 05, 2002

I've updated a lot today. After ranting to Neal we went to dinner later than usual so Erinn, Josh, and Marie sat down with us and later we were joined by John and Julia. Anyway, it was fun. Neal was telling me about some "Boob Game" he played and we got on the discussion of them which made Josh uncomfortable because Erinn was ranting about how she didn't need to know about the game because she has boobs herself. Then we made fun of Erinn calling her cream puff a "kneecap" but I do think it looked like one. As Josh said when he made fun of me for saying so, "If I had to make a kneecap in pastry form, that's what it would look like." It was wearing a beret. I said so but from Erinn's angle and the angle of half the table it didn't look like it so they all thought I was crazy but then once Erinn turned it around and saw the beret it was crazy. Man, I had a lot of fun at dinner today.


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