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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

You know you've been around computers too much when technical terms enter your philosophy essays on ethics:
"Dr. Doe deleted Wilma's ability to make a choice about her treatment by not sharing all the facts."

Also, all day today there has been something sharp in my jeans that scratches me when I walk. I looked at it a bit ago and there's this big red spot where it hurts. I couldn't find the cause so I put a bandaid on it. Then the scratch moved so now it bothers another part of my leg! Erinn laughed at me as I yelled at the spot. We've decided I'm not allowed to move now. Not like I have, since I've been working on homework non-stop since 12:30. I only just now finished, at 6. I spent half an hour eating dinner between then. Doesn't that suck? I still have engineering to work on, but I'll save that for Friday since tomorrow is Hell: Part 14.

Did you know that "joshing" means "kidding" or "fooling?" I didn't. Neal has 2 tests today. He's at the 2nd one right now. I always get worried when he has exams because he never seems to do well, even though he studies for hours. He skipped a class today to study. He studied for 3 hours today. I'm worried about day 2 of finals because I have finals from 10-4:45 so I have no time to eat which REALLY sucks. I'm worried for Neal's finals, too. I'm really worried about the calc one since we can't use notes and there's stuff on it we never did but other teachers did. I don't know if Neal and I can find a ride home either, because the one girl he thought could give us one is leaving Tuesday and we need to leave Wednesday. Erinn's still sick, and apparently Marie needs to go to the doctor, too. I'm glad I haven't gotten too sick. It's been snowing non-stop. Woo!


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