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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Aw man, I've just been seriously terrified. We had tornado sirens going off in a tornado warning. Apparently a tornado was spotted in St Charles, about 7 miles south west of Bartlett moving north east which would put us in it's path. Luckily it missed us but it scared me sooooooooooo much, especially since my mom kept moving around. Then after we felt everything was safe and a half hour had passed, the sirens went off AGAIN. I ran downstairs because tornados scare the crap out of me. I kept shaking. Everything is fine, but now there's a warning for Elgin where Neal is and I'm worried about him. We had a small power outage. They sadi that the warning means funnels have been spotted but no real tornados. They (the tv) also said that the pressure was low, exactly like the pressure for tropical storms and that we've never seen that in this area before. Additionally, the wind speeds can be classified as a weaker hurricane (with the rain and everything). They say in an hour it'll all pass. I won't be able to sleep until then, because I'm freaked out. I've been freaked out for an hour. Neal's at a lan party so there are these computers everywhere during a storm and that's so dangerous. I hope he's ok. I hope our house still has its siding. My mom was smelling something burning earlier. I'm extremely jittery now. I bumbed in the rubber thing on the wall that stops the door from hitting the wall when you open it and the sound it made caused me to jump and my heart to beat rapidly.


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