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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Ok, so here's my day so far. I drove to work in Paul and had a jolly ol' time. I talked to Alice some because she was working at the same time. She was listening to me take one of the phone calls and she says I'm really good. ^_^ Sheryl called me over and yesterday she had listened in to 3 of my calls (they do this to make sure you're being courteous and doing everything correctly) and then she told me about it and I had to sign forms saying that we talked about it. I did very well. I only got 3 points off on one of them for not asking for an email address. If I get 5 points off which is like not asking for chlorine or something, it's REALLY bad. And if you don't ask if they want to add chlorine to your order, you have to talk to the guy in charge and explain why you didn't offer it. I got this one lady who I was on the phone with for 20 minutes explaining why she needed to use chlorine in her pool. She has chlorinated water but she doesn't use ANY chemicals to sanitize the pool and no matter how much I explained it she didn't understand and refused to get anything even though it's basically required for a pool. Around 3:00 a guy asked if it was raining here and I said no because it wasn't (it was raining where he was in New York) but then about 45 minutes later we had a brownout and my monitor turned off and so did my phone. THen they turned back on and we heard thunder and it started it rain. Driving home all the lights in West Chicago were out so we had to treat them like a 4-way stop sign. Anyway, the other cars decided that I couldn't go when I was supposed to so I had to wait extra long because they kept going. Then at 64 so many people almost got hit because while some people were going straight the cars that were supposed to stop decided to turn and that was just plain stupid. It took me twice as long to get home. When I got home Laura said she heard tornado sirens, and my window had been open so my room was wet. Then I realized that I had forgotten to take my birth control pill that I was supposed to take at 12, and it was practically 5. That's really bad.


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