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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Ok, so Monday night Lauren, Jessa, and Neal came over. We watched The Good Girl but it wasn't that good and then we played cards. Yesterday at work apparently I know what I'm doing because I was switched places with another girl because she lies to the customers and needs to be close to an advisor and watched. My car is so cool, and I named him Paul since Lauren insisted that I name him. I forgot to say that I witnessed an accident Monday coming back from CarMax. We heard a screech and then a pop, and I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a car sideways on the side of the road and a sign like a speed limit sign had collapsed the side of the car. I have no idea how the driver lost control because it was perfectly dry and sunny out. Yesterday was bowling again and I did much better than last week. My average last week was 83, which gave me a handicap of 127 because they compute it weird. Anyway, I was the second highest handicap person. This week I bowled a 120, a 73, and a 129. The 129 is my highest EVER! I'm so excited. My dad got 6 strikes in a row! That was really awesome. Afterwards Neal and I started watching a movie and then I got tired so sent him home. THen I was sleeping all nice when I was woken up to "MEAT!" because I had forgotten to turn down the volume on my computer so it was REALLY loud and I was upset that Neal woke me up from a nice sleep. :(


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