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Saturday, May 17, 2003

I'm finally done working for today. I now work Thursdays at Ye's in addition to Fridays and Saturdays, so I need to fill out a new form for days I'm available for In The Swim. Job shadowing was kind of hard because there's so much to remember, and sometimes people are plan stupid. I'm going to have to make a cheat sheet for me. I job shadow tomorrow too, to complete my 5 hours. There's a guy there who looks soooooo familiar, and I knew what his voice sounded like (Southern accent) before I heard him talk, so I KNOW I've talked to him before but I can't figure out where. He didn't seem to recognize me either, when I told him he was familiar. I wish I could remember, because it's driving me insane. Jackie thought he was familiar too, but he used to live out of state and he's a year older than us so we really shouldn't know him. If he's there tomorrow I'm going to ask him what college he goes too, etc. Jackie's still going out with Dan Thorn, and I'm amazed he remembers me because he was like in my class in 2nd grade and we didn't talk to each other and while he was at the same school as me for several years after that, we were never in a class together again. I'm generally not very memorable, which is disappointing, but also surprising when I find out someone remembers me.


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