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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Yesterday was so busy. I went to training, then after training I went to pick up my mom and then we went to pick up Alli and then we had to take Alli to get her hair done then we went home. I was home for half an hour or so and then I had to go back to work, where after that my mom took Alli to get her eyebrows waxed. Work was pretty busy too, lots of deliveries. Sarah got to make lots of extra money to help out with all the deliveries. A girl came in with 2 guys (they were about our age) and of the guys told Sarah that she was very pretty and that he had to say it because she was. Dustin called Sarah just to tell her he loved her (Awwww). I came home and was eating dinner when Neal showed up. I wasn't expecting him at all. He said he wanted to surprise me at work but his dad woudln't let him leave early enough. My mom had ordered a pizza and she ordered 20 breadsticks instead of 10 so now we have MANY breadsticks. Neal and I were in my room watching a movie and we paused it halfway through to get Neal some food and my mom was giving me this look. Apparently she heard the bed moving and some "suspicious noises" but my bed wasn't moving and all we were doing was watching a movie (Spirited Away, a pretty good movie). I wish she'd stop imagining things. This morning I was getting my clothes that she had washed and she ended up drying some shirts that can't be dryed or they'll shrink (and they've already shrunk once and if they shrink more I can't wear them and they're pretty new). She blamed it on me because I didn't wash my clothes myself, but how could I when I've been extremely busy in the past few days? I haven't had time! Last night I went to bed and sent Neal home right after the movie finished because I had no time to myself all day and I was tired. I had woken up at 6 for some odd reason, then to be busy until 11 is just not fun at all.


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