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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Man, I need sleep. My haircut looks really cute. I also bought a new dress instead of get applications for jobs, because I didn't have time. Neal and I hung out for awhile at his house then went to see X2. We were going to go out to eat but he wasn't that hungry and his car wouldn't shift again. His parents don't think it's consistent enough, but it's occured every time I've been in the car and that's consistent enough for me. Tomorrow I'll have to REALLY go job hunting.

One of Alli's toes shifted next to another one and so in the healing process they might fuse together. If that starts to happen then she definately has to get pins to keep them apart. Also, they think she tore a ligament or 2 so after the bones heal she might have to get surgery to repair the ligament.


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