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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I slept badly again. At most I got about 4 hours of sleep. Up since 5, have I been. I had my first day of work at In The Swim all by myself. Alice was working there too but I didn't see her until we were both leaving. It wasn't too bad. I felt bad asking all these questions, especially since my advisor was hardly in my row so I had to keep calling another advisor and my advisor would answer that phone and se yelled at me the second time I did it. She said, "Stop calling here!" and I'm like, "Well, you aren't around and I'm just going down the list of numbers to call. I don't know who's here today or not." Then when she came I asked her who I should call and she listed the number I had just called that she yelled at me on, so now I'm all confused. I got this one guy who was incredibly rude. He had a hole in his winter cover and he wanted to know if there were any repair kits or if he could send it to us to repair. I wasn't sure, so I asked my advisor and she said we wouldn't repair it but if it was under warranty he could send it and we'd give him a new one. I told him this, and he asked me how long warranty was and I told him I didn't know until I knew what type of cover he had, so I asked him and he got so mad at me and said I wasn't helping and refused to tell me what type of cover he had. I explained to him that I couldn't tell him his answer unless he gave me information, and he said, "I'm not the one supposed to be answering questions here, you are." I said I could transfer him to customer service but he refused that too. THen I asked him what his customer id number was so I could look it up myself, but he refused to tell me that or who he was! He kept yelling at me and asking for a supervisor, and when I said I'd get one he said "NOW you're being helpful." She talked to him and told him exactly what I said and he was perfectly fine to her. She then after the call made a note about how rude he was and how he refused to give me any information that would enable me to help him. People can be such jerks.


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