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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I went to Neal's house for awhile today. We watched tv then hung out. After that we went to eat at My Siam and then went to my house and he helped me relearn how to throw a baseball, then we went to see the Matrix Reloaded and then finally came back to my house for awhile more. During the course of the day, several funny things happened. We were on my family's hammock for awhile and Amica was outside with us. The baseball was between my legs and Amica kept trying to get on the hammock to get it. She REALLY wanted the ball. She kept putting her face by Neal's and we were joking about how she wanted to kiss him and how she was jealous because I got to kiss Neal and she didn't. He didn't like that and kept turning away. After we put the ball away and layed on the hammock some more Amica finally made it up and was standing with her hind paws by Neal's leg and her front paws on my leg. When she was getting off she put her front paws right on Neal's crotch and he recoiled and I just kept laughing at him. Then later after the movie he found her hair in his mouth and I said it was because she was his secret lover. She really does love Neal.


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