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Sunday, June 08, 2003

Yesterday I went to the mall with Laura. I bought some shoes I had seen earlier but didn't buy. This time they were 50% off so I think my $20 was well spent. Then Laura borrowed money and bought a book. We got frozen custard, which I've never had before. Oh, and we had gone to Best Buy and I bought a new midi program. I took a look at the mp3 players since mine is messed up. When we got home I found out Neal called, so I called him back then went to his house. It was only for a couple hours because I had to go to work, and we spent part of the time cooking beef stroganoff with hamburger helper. I went to work, then got home and found out Melissa and Janet had both called. I called Melissa, told her Janet was having a thing at her house (which I knew because Sarah called work and told me to bring a game and I had no idea what she was talking about) and told her I'd pick her up and we'd surprise Janet. Then I called Janet and told her I was coming and she said I could bring Neal. I called Neal's house to tell him, but I found out from his dad that we were going to see a movie. We had talked about it earlier, but I hadn't heard anything so I thought it wasn't happening. Anyway, as I was talking to his dad Neal showed up, so I told him about our change of plans and we went in 2 cars (since it would be pointless for him to drive Mel and I home). I had great fun talking to Mel because I haven't seen her in forever and she's one of my best friends. The whole half hour to Janet's house we kept cracking up, especially when we thought we lost Neal. Janet's house was fun playing Loser, a game I bought, and since John was there he kept the fun going with his jokes after everyone got tired. We tend to fizzle out otherwise. Around 12:30 Janet decided to make cookies but I needed to leave so like practically everyone was leaving when Mel decided that instead of staying later and getting a ride home with John she was going to come home with me. I didn't say bye to Neal, but apparently he was motioning me to come to his car so he could kiss me goodnight but in Janet's pitch black neighborhood I couldn't see.

Today I didn't sing in the choir again because I wanted sleep and I'm tired of Burrell, but I woke up at 7 so I ended up not getting extra sleep. After church people were bringing things for the church garage sale and I got to babysit the cutest little girl. She had just learned to walk and she was sooooooo adorable. She kept wanting to shake everyone's hand. I got home and Neal went online, and we talked and then I asked him if we were going to see a movie today since we didn't yesterday and he said today we would. he changed his mind, which upset me because of pms and because he's always changing his mind, so I went out to eat with my family and the Heide's even though I wasn't hungry and I don't particularly enjoy spending time with the Heide's because the conversation always turns to church and religious matters. Plus they use "that" all the time instead of "because" and it's a pet peeve of mine. After we ate my family wanted to go shop but I just wanted to go home because I went shopping yesterday and because of my pms and headache. I got home, tried calling Neal, found it busy, then tried again around 3. We talked about things and he said he wanted some time to himself, which is why he didn't want to go out today (even though yesterday he said he would) so I was upset, and he felt bad because I had been looking forward to it and he had changed his mind (which he promised he'd try not to do) and then work called and said that I was scheduled for 6-10 but they were only open till 8 so I didn't need to come in for 2 hours. I told Neal, and he said that we could see a movie then tonight so I think we're seeing Finding Nemo at 5. I'm not quite sure, but I'll know what time when Neal shows up. THen my parents came home and I spent like 15 minutes trying to find medicine for my headache and pms.

It's been raining for a long time today. It's kind of cool. My dad got this really neat book about the extinctions of the past. I'm a big fan of natural history, and I know a whole bunch about the permian extinction and all the different epochs and like what order they come in and stuff. I have a encyclopedia of extince animals which I read for pleasure, and I've read some of my natural history childcraft books like at least 6 times through each. I've researched the stuff on the internet just for fun since I'm such a huge dork. That's why I LOVE the field museum because it's all about natural history.


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