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Sunday, July 20, 2003

arg, at work

Some lady just called and said we charged her credit card wrong. In her calculations it should have been more (why would anyone want MORE charged?). I told her the prices and added it up and got the same number as the computer, but the lady tried adding it and got a different number. I explained to her what to add and she kept saying I did it wrong and that the computer added wrong. Finally she understood. She thought that our 1 for 2.49 and 2+ for 1.99 mean that the first item was 2.49 and every item after that was 1.99, not that all of them are 1.99 if you order 2 or more. She's the first one to misunderstand this, which seems like common sense to me.

Another guy kept telling me I didn't know anything about pools and our products. That was annoying, since I know a LOT about our products.

I'm quite annoyed at people who answer, "I'll put it on my card" when I ask if they'd like to pay for their item in easy payments (4 monthly payments) or to pay all at once. Why can't they just say, "All at once" instead of saying "I'll put it on my card?" I KNOW they'll put it on their card. It HAS to be on their card if they order over the phone.

I keep forgetting to say that on Saturday my dad's hammer completely broke. He was trying to nail out of the swing set and the head broke off because the wood cracked in 2 so now he has a useless hammer. That's just amazing.


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