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Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Last night the bowling alley was packed, every lane taken except for our league's, for some busload of people. Those people took every single 11 with adult-size holes as well, and every single 12, and all the 13s except for 1. It was unbelievable!!!!! I couldn't find a ball that fit my fat thumb, so I complained to the guy selling shoes about how they need bigger fingerholes and he told me that I actually should be using no less than a 14. A 14! I've been using an 11. The reasoning is that you should go according to age. When you're 6, used a 6 lb. When you're 10, use a 10 lb, then above 14 years you should not go lower. I'm sure males shouldn't go below 16. At any rate, I was forced to use a 14 since none of the balls fit and unbelievable I could handle it! I'm very thankful I've been doing small weightlifting for my arms, because they've really gotten stronger. Just a few weeks ago the 13 was insanely heavy and now the 14 seems fine and I could almost g heavier! We've decided to get my my own ball because of my thumb, but I don't know what weight since I only just started using the 14. It enabled me to go above my average though. Neal was bowling awesome too, getting 3 strikes in a row and getting a 153 or something. All of us were above average this week and for once we're actually in 2nd place and will be again next week! It's great and I'm excited.


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