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Friday, July 18, 2003

My henna isn't that dark, but that's ok. I've decided that I might actually get a tattoo sometime in my life... not sure when though, or what. It'll be big though, that much I know. Last night was crazy. Neal and I were driving to Lauren's house in a huge thunderstorm and we had to turn around and go a different route because part of Bartlett road was closed due to a power line being down. We were trying to find a different way through the neighborhood (and almost got lost) but we ended up seeing what was going on. The light was HUGE. It was orange and flaring up above the trees. I think it was a fire, but Neal thinks it was just the power lines hitting the water. Whatever it was, it was major. All the lights were out on 59. Nothing had power. We were about half an hour late to Lauren's, but oh well. It was fun at her house. Around 10 we left and and I went to bed as soon as I got home.

At 3 am I was dreaming about Neal and some weird room when I heard seagulls and I said to myself, "seagulls don't belong here" so I woke up and heard my dad's door open and I realized Amica was making the sound. We all trudged downstairs and Amica was happy to see us. THen we took her outside and she sniffed around then peed. THen we went back to bed but left our doors open and the gate open so if she wanted to come up she could. Around 3:15 she comes to my room and tries to get on my bed and be petted. I pet her for awhile, then went back to sleep. She came in again around 6:30 and would leave then come back, then leave, and this continued till about 8. I tried my best to sleep and I ended up having a strange dream about me being rejected from going on trips and no one cared about me except this girl named Lindsay, who stayed behind with me. THen later on I flew on a plane with my family to an amusement park and some people stowed away on the plane. THen my family ate while I sat and watched them. I wasn't used to eating with them or something, or I thought I wasn't allowed to eat. After they finished they said I could eat so I had some banana bread and other banana-flavored things and as I ate we talked about magic and I saw some adult quartuplets (is that the name) go by. It was weird.

Man, I woke up with the worst sinus headache and luckily most of it went away after taking some tylenol. I'm home alone right now cuz Laura's babysitting and I'm lonely. :(


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