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Saturday, July 05, 2003


So yesterday we had a fun barbeque. Neal was an hour late because he was a bum and we were waiting for him to come before we ate so I had to call his house to see where he was. We played cards after food and that was a lot of fun, and we talked some (we as in not just Neal and I but the barbeque group) and then we had desert that was sooooooo good that I'm faaaaaaaaaat (hhahaha, i am, i had sooooo much) then we went to fireworks which were really cool. My favorite was the kind that reminded me of Christmas because it had all the colors of Christmas lights. I also like the ones that sizzle. Neal liked the purple ones because they weren't as bright. Ugh, there was one kind that was exactly like a camera flash and they had like 10 of these going off at once and it sucked. I also like the ones that fall to the ground like shooting stars.

Happy Birthday Derek!


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