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Sunday, June 29, 2003


It seems the circle of leaving me out of things has come around again, this time leaving more people out. I've become accustomed to being left out of most of the parties at Kim's house (and those hurt because Sarah and Melissa, who were on the same bus as me, would go to Kim's but they never invited me so I was on the bus alone). This time Janet invited Jessa and John to her boat and didn't invite anyone else. I can understand taking 1 person, but if you invite more than one it's expected to invite all of us (especially since we've been asking when the next boat party is occuring).

I'm going to Dustin's house tonight though, since we can't have cake with Jessa since she's not home. I've never been to Dustin's, and I don't know him well. This will be interesting.


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