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Monday, July 21, 2003

I took forever getting ready today. I wanted to look nice since it's the 1 year anniversary of Neal and I going out. I ended up going to the mall and buying a skort, skirt, shirt, tank, and belt. The belt was way expensive, but I spent way cheap on the rest. $4 for a shirt, $6.5 for the skirt and tank and then $17 for the skort. I'm thinking about getting a Kohls card since I shop there all the time. I ended up getting like size 11s and stuff, even though I can fit in 7s. THis is good for shrinking and actually makes me look thinner so it's all good.

Neal came around noon and we took a walk but then turned around since it was kind of raining. THen we went to Chili's and were seated by a soccer team which sucked but it was still good food. We went to his house and hung out and napped (man, I love napping in a water bed) then saw Legally Blonde 2 (good movie).

Neal's parents are weird. I thought they liked me, but today his mom told Neal that he should go out with other people and his dad told him that making $72 for today was worth more than hanging out with me on our 1 year anniversary. This isn't pleasing and it made Neal mad.


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