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Monday, July 21, 2003


Man, the thundestorm last night lasted forever. It started around 11 and didn't end till at least 3:00 because I was up at 2:30 and the wind was blowing soooooooo bad I felt like I was in a hurricane. We never get gentle rains anymore. They're always violent storms. :(

So we have at least 8 skunks living under our shed. It really sucks.

Last night, or rather this morning, I had this crazy dream about church. It was completely full, so full that people were sitting in the alter area. Some people from St Charles were there and we were excited for some reason. Neal was coming to church with him and I thought that was really neat. I walk into church and I see Pastor Frank there! I was happy and hugged him because I haven't seen him in a long time. Then we walked into church and sat in the back. The service was mostly songs. There was this one crazy song we sang that Burrell was playing horribly wrong. He was singing the wrong notes and everything. Terri started asking us if that was right and I yelled out, "NO!" Then I proceeded to point out everything his was doing wrong. THen Terri lectured me about how we have been taught the wrong kind of lutheran and that this song was the right kind and that Burrell was playing it fine. I was so mad at everything that was going on that I wanted to leave. Neal was actually enjoying himself, saying he wanted to come more often. That was NOT what I wanted to hear and that upset me more.


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